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CYC Waiver and Acknowledgements

  • 10 May 2024
  • Cobourg Yacht Club



Please complete your registration by reviewing the Club's Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risk, Ontario Safe Sport Policy and Rowan's Law. We also ask that you let us know if you are first aid trained.

In addition we would like to know if you are skipper, crew, committee boat or cruiser and if you are skipper or crew, what boat are you on?


What is Safe Sport? Safe Sport is a policy Manual that outlines expected standards of behavior that are designed to create a safe sport environment by preventing, as much as possible, inappropriate behavior from occurring in the first place. It contains policies and procedures to provide for consistent, timely, appropriate and meaningful action should any issues arise.

What is Rowan's Law? Rowan's Law makes it mandatory for sports organizations, school boards and health care providers to follow specific requirements following a suspected or confirmed concussion.

For more information on the implementation of Ontario Safe Sport and Rowan's Law please visit: https://ontariosailing.ca/ and https://www.sailing.ca/.

Why do we subscribe to these policies? The CYC's goal is to foster a positive, safe sporting environment. Safe Sport and Rowan's law are tools that help us to ensure our sporting environment is well equiped to handle challenges that may arrise and to keep our sailing/sporting community safe!

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"Cobourg Yacht Club" is a non-profit organization.
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