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Racing at the Cobourg Yacht Club

We Have a Passion for Racing from our weekly club races, to members participating in regional and international regattas and events. Club races are held on Wednesday evenings (Keel) from May to October. Centreboard Races are held Thursday evenings from June to September. Throughout the summer months, several specialty races are held on weekends, which often turn out to be family events. There are several fleets of sailboats accommodating many racing skill sets: from keen sailor to beginner crew. Wednesday Night Racing ends with the race results and  dinner in the dining room of the clubhouse. For the centreboard fleet, there is a barbeque in support of the sailing school for the Thursday night gang after the dinghies are stored away.

Specialty Races

The Peter's Rock Race including all types of sailboats goes from Cobourg to Peter's Rock (part way to Port Hope) and back. This is one of the club's oldest point to point races and is well attended each year!

The Curtis Cup was begun by Ralph and Donna Curtis and was originally held on Father’s Day weekend. The club keel boats race across Lake Ontario to Oak Orchard where they socialize with the members of that club and then race back the next day. Recently it has evolved to include racers and cruisers. This race has been reinstated in 2024!

Throughout the summer we race, including: a race to Peter’s Rock, a single-handed/double-handed series, and the Countess of Dufferin Cup, a small regatta held in September. Some years we hold match racing using two matched centreboard boats. 

Race Results - Keel

Race Results - Centreboard

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