2019 Sailing Instructions and Program

These instructions are for The Cobourg Yacht Club’s 2019 Wednesday Night, Monday Night series racing and special races.  Any questions or concerns should be addressed to Greg Hannah, Fleet Captain Keel, ckeel@cobourgyachtclub.ca


Greg Hannah (Fleet Captain Keel)

Michael Frenke

Rob Lenters

Bryce MacKinnon

Will McCrae

James Stewart

Alan Clough

David Biddle

Mike Fuessel


1        RULES

1.1       Races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020, and the prescriptions of the CYA, except as any of those are altered by these sailing instructions.

1.2       Skippers must register their yachts at least 48 hours prior to participating in any series race by signing their registration form and supplying all required information to a member of the RC either digitally or in person. Applicable race results will not be counted until all information is received.

1.3       It is the sole responsibility of the skipper of each eligible yacht to decide whether or not to start, continue in, or retire from a race.

1.4       All yachts will be racing under the PHRF-LO system and must have a valid PHRF-LO rating certificate.  If a yacht is awaiting a rating change or initial rating certificate, a temporary rating may be assigned by the RC if deemed appropriate by the RC. Results for any series or season will only become valid for a yacht and will only be calculated based on a valid PHRF-LO certificate


2.1       The official CYC notice board is located in the TV room downstairs in the CYC clubhouse.


3.1          When a skippers’ meeting is to be held, a horn will sound in the vicinity of the clubhouse to signify the imminent start of the meeting in or outside of the CYC clubhouse.

  • 3.2         When conditions dictate, the RC may postpone the start of a race on shore. This postponement               shall be signaled by the hoisting of the AP flag on the CYC flag pole on the south lawn or on the rear of the committee boat along with 2 horn blasts. When flag AP (pennant with alternating red & white vertical stripes) is displayed ashore or on the rear of the committee boat, “1 minute” is replaced with “not less than 20 minutes” in the race signal AP.
  • 3.3         No race shall commence later than 1900 hrs for all series should a delay be encountered due to inclement weather.


4.1       Wednesday Series #1, and #2 will consist of 9 races each with the first race on May 23rd. Start time @ 18:15 hrs except for Wednesday races held from August 15th and onward which will commence at 18:00 hrs.

4.2       Monday series racing will be comprised of 6 races with the following dates: May 28th, June 4th, June 11th, September 10th , September 17th and September 24th.


5.1       Fleet flags will be used by the RC for starting purposes.

Gold Fleet = Gold Flag                                   To be determined

Green Fleet = Green Flag                              To be determined

Blue Fleet = Blue Flag                        To be determined

White Fleet = White Flag                                To be determined

Monday Fleet = Gold Flag                              All boats


5.2       CYC Race committee reserves the right to adjust fleet splits based on the number of

            Boats in each fleet with safety and sportsmanship the primary goals.

5.3       In general, fleets shall not be comprised of boats that are FS and NFS.   The CYC Race committee reserves the right to mix fleets with FS and NFS during the Monday series races based on the number of competitors in the series.  Based on the number of participants for the Monday series separate starts may occur and will be determined prior to the commencement of the applicable series   

6        RACING AREA

6.1       Races comprising the Wednesday and Monday series will be held in an area generally located south of the entrance to Cobourg harbour.  The race marks consist of a fixed ‘zero’ buoy (orange/blue double barrel) anchored approximately one nautical mile south of the entrance to the harbour and an inflatable orange/yellow tetrahedron. At the discretion of the RC boat and in the interest of safety, either mark may be used to designate the start line, the other shall be designated as the windward mark.

7        THE COURSES

7.1       All races shall consist of a varying number of legs on a Windward – Leeward course.  When possible, there will be an equal number of windward and leeward legs. All marks are to be passed to Port except for the finish. All fleets other than White (NFS) will use this standard race course.

7.2       The White Fleet (NFS) will start and sail upwind on the standard race course but bear away on starboard tack and round an inflatable mark with it on their port side.  The White Fleet will finish at the standard finish line. The Race Committee may extend the length of the White Fleet course by the addition of one additional upwind leg.

7.3       The RC boat shall display on her stern a board indicating the number of legs for each fleet and/or may indicate these by VHF radio on Channel 06.

7.4       The start line is defined as the line between the staff of the fleet flag on the RC boat and the offset orange/yellow tetrahedron mark OR the “zero mark” as applicable.  The finish line is defined as the line between the staff of the finish flag on the RC boat and the orange/yellow tetrahedron OR “zero” mark wherever placed.  All marks are rounded “Buoys to Port”, except upon finishing.  Care should be taken to finish as close to the RC boat as possible to leave room at mark for other boats still racing. 

7.5       Shorten Course: After the start signal the RC may shorten course by reducing the number of legs for all or some fleets. Code flag “S” (White flag border with inner blue square) and the fleet flag(s) for the affected fleets will be displayed by the RC accompanied by two sound signals when the course is shortened.  The new number of legs will be displayed by the RC as well as a VHF announcement on VHF radio channel 06.

8             TIME LIMITS

  • 8.1         For Wednesday and Monday series races, any yacht not finishing within 2.0 hours of elapsed time from the start will be declared “DNF”. At their own discretion the last boat in a fleet to remain on the race course can withdraw from the race and will be awarded a last place finish based on the number of boats racing in that fleet that night.

Specialty Race end time will be based on the published time of sunset for Cobourg. The last boat to remain on the race course can withdraw from the race and will be awarded a last place finish based on the number of boats racing in the Specialty Race.

9        MARKS

9.1       The course marks shall be our fixed ‘zero’ buoy and an orange/yellow tetrahedron.

9.2       The White Fleet (NFS) will set an inflatable mark approximately halfway between the start line and upwind mark but offset to the port side of the race course. 


10.1     Multiple blasts on horn roughly 5 minutes before the 5 minute start sequence for the first fleet only.  Ideally, there will be one minute between the start of the first fleet and the 5 minute sequence of the next fleet, and so on with no additional warning signals.

            Gold fleet first start, Blue & Green fleet second start, White fleet third start.

5 minute - 1 blast on Horn and Fleet flag goes up   (i.e. Gold Fleet - gold flag)

4 minute - 1 blast on Horn and a “P” or preparatory flag may go up.

1 minute - 1 blast on Horn and the “P” flag, if used, will come down.

0 minute - 1 blast on Horn and Fleet flag comes down.  START OF RACE

10.2     When the RC boat displays code flag “Y” (alternating yellow & red diagonal stripes), ALL skippers and crew shall don approved PFDs. Non-compliance will result in a DNS (Did Not Start) by the Race Committee.

10.3     Finish times shall be recorded based on the moment RC personnel see any portion of a boat or its equipment in its regular position crossing the finish line.  The absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded. In the case where the course is shortened such that a fleet finishes at the windward mark boats will contact the RC by VHF radio channel 06 when approaching the finishing mark, and then let the RC know when they have successfully rounded the windward mark by the bow of the boat crossing the extension of a line drawn between the previous mark and the rounding mark.  The RC boat will record the finishing boat’s time when notified of the rounding by the finishing boat.

10.4     Notes on the Start:  If one or more boats are over-early then the RC boat will raise the individual recall flag “X” (White with Blue Cross) ASAP and announce the boat(s) on the VHF that is/are over-early.  If there are any doubts as to the identification of the offending boat(s), then the RC Boat will raise the General Recall flag (Blue Triangle with inner Yellow triangle) and announce a general recall.  The boats are to break off from racing and return to the start line to prepare for restart.  Boats that have been identified for a starting penalty must dip below and fully clear below the start line before they can restart. The individual recall flag will remain up until the offending boat(s) has/have restarted and then be taken down to indicate all boats are clear to continue the race.  If, after 3 - 4 minutes, the offending boat(s) hasn’t/haven’t completed their restart the “X” flag will be removed to allow the next start sequence to begin.  Any boat not completing its penalty restart will scored “OCS”.

11      THE FINISH

11.1     The RC boat will display a white RC flag once the finish line is established. No penalty is imposed for crossing the line when the RC flag is up. 

12      SCORING

12.1     Finishing times will earn points as follows; 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 3 points, etc.

12.2     Scoring abbreviations see appendix 11 in the 2009-2012 RRS.  Boat will be scored as follows: OCS, DNS, DNF = Number of boats sailing in the race for the fleet + 1. DNC, DSQ, RAF, DNE = Number of boats registered for series + 1.

12.3     Series scoring will be based on a minimum of three races per series. Should fewer than three races be completed, the series will be cancelled but the completed races will apply to determine overall series champion as well as overall club champion. No make-up races will be held.

12.4     Throw-outs will be calculated as follows: 5 races or fewer, no throw-outs. 6 or 7 races, 1 throw-out.  8 or 9 races, 2 throw-outs. 10 races, 3 throw-outs.

12.5     The Wednesday series overall champion for each fleet will be determined by the best twelve (12) race scores from series 1 and 2 combined.

12.6     The Overall Club Champion will be determined by the RC based on points earned as follows.

- (25 points) Wednesday series #1 

- (25 points) Wednesday series #2

- (10 points) Monday series

- (5 points) Curtis Cup

-3 bonus points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd in the Peter’s Rock and Double-handed races.

When calculating points for overall club champion, only those participants entering each series (Monday and Wednesday) with a FS PHRF rating will be considered.  This provision will not apply to all other non-series club races.

A maximum of 76 points are available to each boat with distribution based on finish position in each event:

1st = 100% of points, 2nd = 90% of points, 3rd = 80% of points ... 10th = 10% of points.

Ties will be broken based on: Overall Wed. series finish, 3rd Wed. series, 2nd Wed. series, 1st Wed. series, Monday series and finally, one of the distance races.

12.7     Breaking Ties for Race series: refer to appendix A8 of the RRS.

13      PROTESTS


Protest committees shall be formed as required. Membership will consist of at least one member of the RC plus two other race participants (if applicable) or any knowledgeable former CYC racer, for a minimum of three protest committee members. The committee participants may be randomly selected from all yachts except those involved directly in the protest.  All persons involved in the protest shall make every reasonable attempt to appear within the club house within 30 minutes of the return of the race committee boat to its dock upon the completion of the race.   Should either the protestor or the participant being protested not attend within the prescribed time limit, and are not able to convince the RC of reasonable  mitigating circumstances as to why the time limit was violated, the protest will be dealt with accordingly in favour of either party.  Where possible, all protests will be dealt with in a timely manner immediately following the race. 

13.1     Refer to the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020

13.2     Mediation: For protests where there is no damage and in which no more than two boats are involved, there will be a short mediation hearing.  Any protest not resolved by this process will be referred to the protest committee for a full hearing.


14.1     Any yacht retiring from a race shall promptly notify the RC boat of her intentions. If a yacht is unable to reach the RC via VHF a relay should be sent via another yacht.  Mandatory Coast Guard Equipment (small vessel regulations) are required for each yacht.  A VHF radio in good working order is expected for each yacht but lack thereof shall not be grounds for any protest, penalty, or request for redress.          
14.2     Required: Completion of man overboard drill prior to June 27th 2018. Signed M.O.B. form (attached) must be submitted to fleet Captain Keel.

14.3     Required: Submission of crew manifest form (attached), including information form for non-club members due prior to June 1st, 2018.

14.4     No yacht shall participate in a CYC sanctioned race with fewer than two persons on board the yacht. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a score of DSQ.

14.5     Yachts racing after dark are reminded that running lights are required. Yachts finishing after dark must illuminate their sail numbers to have their finish recognized by the R.C. boat.


15.1     The RC Boat shall monitor and make announcements on VHF channel 06.
DISCLAMER OF LIABlLITY: Competitors participate in racing entirely at their own risk (see rule 4, decision to race in RRS). CYC will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after racing.

Racing Application:

Boat Name:_____________________________________________


Skipper Contact info:  Phone # ________________________

Email     ________________________

PHRF-LO Rating:_________ [   ] Flying Sails or    [   ] No Flying Sails

Certificate #:____________

Make/Model of boat:________________________________ Sail #:__________

I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, the CYC Race instructions and program and by all other rules that govern these events. I am familiar with the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing, and have read and understand the current CYC Race Instructions & Program.   Furthermore, unless the rating for my yacht is revised by PHRF-LO during the course of the current racing season, I agree that the above rating will be applied to my yacht for all CYC races in which I will be participating this season.

Date: ________________       Signed: ____________________________



_____             Monday Night Series (6 Races:  3 Spring and 3 Fall)

_____             Wednesday Night racing Series 1 and 2 (20 races maximum)

_____             Other Races (Please list): 


Man Overboard Drill

Boat Name:                                                              

Sail #:                                                                                           

As skipper I have reviewed with my crew the safety features on my boat and the location of the various safety devices ( PFDs, current flares, VHF radio, bailing bucket / bilge pump, fire extinguisher, waterproof flashlight, emergency plugs for through-hulls, knife for cutting lines, device to cut mast shrouds, man-overboard pole/throwing buoy, life ring, etc.)

Skipper and Crew have completed a man overboard drill on ___________ (date)

Skipper’s Name:        _____________________

Skipper’s Signature  _____________________

Crew Manifest:

The crew manifest will be kept at the CYC bar and used in the event of an emergency involving your boat. 

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                                                         

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                     

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                     

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                                                         

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                     

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                     

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                                                         

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                     

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                                                         

Name:                                            Emergency Phone #:                                        


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